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Data is the key to a better real estate customer experience - here's why

20 May 2019

The saying "data is the new oil" has been cropping up with increasing frequency as industries explore the many applications of this 21st century commodity. While the real estate industry may be a step or two behind the curve when it comes to leveraging the power of data to enhance their se...

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Buyer advice: Where is just as important as what

17 May 2019

While all property values fluctuate in line with the country's overall economic conditions and with interest rate levels, some areas do consistently experience better growth over time - and generate higher returns for home owners. And that is why buyers need to spend at least as much time decidin...

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Election results set to boost commercial property prices, lower yields

16 May 2019

With the elections now over and the results announced, we can now start to expect more movement in the commercial property sector across South Africa. Along with decreasing property vacancy levels, the election results should yield a positive capital inflow of foreign investment and bring stability ...

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What to expect from the post-election property market

15 May 2019

As the excitement of the 2019 general elections begins to die down, the question on most citizens' lips is, "What happens now?" For the property market, at least, predictions are cautiously optimistic. The property market is not out of the woods quite yet, but we are expecting a slow ...

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